B-Corp Certified

B Corporations are part of a community working toward not only being the best in the world, but also being the best for the world.

UPDATE (OCT 12, 2023)

We just re-certified!

After a long and thorough process, we gained our re-certification and are proud to continue as part of the B Corp community with an overall score of 126.9.  The B Corp framework provides best-in-class standards that help us ensure we are always fulfilling our mission and evaluating our work for continuous improvement. View our full B-corp profile to see how our score is calculated.

What does it take to become B Corp Certified?

To become B Corp certified, a business undergoes thorough assessments examining various facets including production processes, shipping practices, environmental impact and employee treatment to ensure stringent sustainability standards are met.

For certification, a company must show a net positive impact on workers, suppliers, community, customers, and the environment, which requires scoring at least 80 points out of a possible 200 in the B Impact Assessment. Periodic reassessments every 2 years ensure accountability and transparency.

To learn more about our impact on people and the planet, take a look at our 2022 Impact Report.


Two kids collecting water
Our B-corp certification assesses how we treat our workers

How does our B Corp score get calculated?

Our B Corp score is calculated based on several categories:

Governance: This evaluates a company's overall mission, ethics, accountability, and transparency. We scored 14.9 in this category.

Workers: This section assesses how a company treats its employees. We scored 21.6 in this category

Community: Here, the company's relationship with its local communities is examined. We scored 56.3 in this category

Environment: This evaluates a company's environmental performance. We scored 11 in this category

Customers: This category looks at how a company benefits its customers. We scored 22.9 in this category.

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Many of our cause partners in the social impact space are B Corps themselves. Support the B Corp community by giving B Corp gifts as part of your corporate gifting program, or as personal gifts to friends and family.


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B Corp FAQ

What is a B Corp?

A B Corp is a for-profit business that is legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Certified B Corporations are part of a community working toward not only being the best in the world, but also being the best for the world.

Why did Gifts for Good become a B Corp?

Doing good is in our DNA, that’s why it’s also in our name: Gifts for Good. Anyone can say that they do good, but going through the rigorous B Corp Certification process allows an outside entity to review and audit our entire business and provide a score. This allows us to continually monitor our business against best practices, and make improvements to our business that do good for both people and the planet.

Who certifies B Corps?

The development of the standards for B Corp Certification are overseen by B Lab's independent Standards Advisory Council. Once an application is submitted for the B Impact Assessment, the first step towards achieving B Corp Certification, Standards Analysts evaluate answers to the entire assessment to ensure the minimum score of 80 points is achieved and that any supporting documentation is provided to verify company claims.

How many B Corporations exist?

Today, there is a growing community of over 6,000 Certified B Corps from more than 150 industries and in 80 countries working together toward one unifying goal: to redefine success in business.

How can I learn more about Gifts for Good's B Corp Certification?

To learn more about B Corp and Gifts for Good’s certification, visit our B Corp page on the B Lab website.