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Every gift has a measurable impact on the health and well-being of people, animals, or the planet.

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GIFTforward, our online gifting platform, allows you to reward employees and customers with ease. Send gift choices via email and let recipients pick the gift they love, or give to a charity. Recipients enter their own shipping address—meaning a lot less work for you.

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Gift Marketplace FAQs

What is the Gift Marketplace?

The Gift Marketplace is our entire catalog of gifts that give back.  On this page you will be able to find all gifts that we currently offer through our social enterprise cause partners. Every gift in this catalog has an impact metric attached to it, giving you the ability to know the impact your gifts have on the world. Our gifts catalog spans many different categories, including Home Goods, Food & Beverage, Candles and Room Fragrance, Leather Goods, Glassware, Tech & Electronics, and Custom Apparel, and Accessories. 

Can I use the Gift Marketplace to buy personal gifts in addition to corporate gifts?

Yes! Our marketplace can be used like any other ecommerce store. You can buy a single gift and have it shipped to yourself or your recipient. Alternatively, if you are buying corporate gifts for a small number of people and don't need any customizations, then buying through the gift marketplace is a quick and easy way to place an order. If however you are looking for bulk gifting options, then we recommend you contact us to talk to one of our gift experts.

Where can I order custom gift boxes or custom merch & swag?

While we would encourage you to browse our gift marketplace for gift ideas, if you want to send custom gift boxes at scale or commission personalized custom merch or swag for your teams or upcoming events, please get in touch with one of our gift experts to explore all the possibilities we can offer.

How can I see the impact of my purchase?

You can see the impact of every item displayed just below its price on the product detail page.

Do all of your gifts support a cause?

Yes, every gift supports a cause. To learn more about the impact you'll have when you use Gifts for Good for your gift-giving visit our Impact page where you can read our latest Impact Report

Are there minimum order quantities?

Minimum order quantities only apply to items if you'd like them customized. If you select the customize option on a product page, you will see there is a minimum order quantity displayed just below the Add to Cart button. Minimum order quantities for customized items range from about 25 units up to 180 units, depending on the item.

Can I customize just one of something?

In general all of our customizable gifts carry a minimum order quantity if you want them customized. If you do not need any customizations, including logos or branding, then you will be able to purchase just one of that item.

How can I tell if an item is customizable?

Every item that is eligible for customization has a customization label visible within the marketplace pages. You can also select the 'customized' filter at the top left of the main marketplace page (on desktop) to view all customizable gift items together.

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Gifts for Good is a social enterprise corporate gifting company that offers impactful gifting experiences for both companies and individuals looking to up their gift-giving game, and make a difference in the world. This is the ultimate premium gift marketplace for people who are passionate about leaving this planet better than they found it.