'The Host' Curated Gift Box

Women at Risk icon Each order provides a self-sustaining job for women at risk of human trafficking

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Today there are 40 million people in slavery - and over 40% of those in slavery are in India. The MADE FREE® model was designed to provide sustainable social reform - addressing the root cause of slavery (including human trafficking), poverty and the need for sustainable ethical jobs. Every purchase supports a day of freedom from human trafficking, slavery and poverty through a self-sustaining job. Providing a dignified, and empowered pathway out of extreme poverty while reducing the risk of being trafficked or enslaved.

Your purchase today provides freedom for a better tomorrow.

'The Host' gift box is the ultimate gift assortment for the discerning host, complete with organic Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, a solid oak charcuterie board, and a versatile denim apron that can withstand the toughest of cooking or barbecuing assignments. Also included is an In Your Honor Charity Donation card that provides a meal to a child in need through our impact partner, Giving Children Hope.  Our signature black gift boxes are uniquely made from repurposed organic cotton t-shirts by artisans in India. The products inside this gift box are hand assembled by people with barriers to employment at Goodwill Southern California, so you can rest easy knowing there is impact at every level of this gift: the product, the box, and the fulfillment process!

    Large Charcuterie Board

    Since the Roman Empire, oak has been used for the storage, fermentation, and flavoring of fine wines and spirits. It only makes sense that your cocktail board should be made of this same strong yet sophisticated wood. Hand-crafted from white oak by artisans in Los Angeles, this is the solid choice for the craftsman behind the bar. This Cocktail Board is a little board that makes a big difference.

    • Dimensions: 6"(L) x 9"(W) x .75"(H)
    • Solid White Oak
    • Organic cathedral grain patterns and rich amber tones of hand-oiled oak add a warm decorative accent to any kitchen
    • Hand finished with food-safe mineral oil that's easy to maintain. We recommend reapplying oil monthly or whenever the board appears dull or dry. Clean after use with a mild detergent or just water and wipe dry immediately
    • Do not leave wet, soak, or put through dishwasher
    • Comes with a story card explaining the impact

    Denim Apron

    We’d like to argue that navy denim should be the next color and material of the year! We chose the apron as our very first product with this material because of the industrial-strength & resistance of the denim. It’s tough enough to take on your at-home baking, cooking, barbecuing and meant to function as a long-lasting piece for your employees to use at your restaurant or coffee shop.

    • Adjustable
    • Reinforced pockets
    • 100% cotton denim
    • 20 aprons provide 1 day of freedom 
    • Comes with a story card explaining the impact

    Grand Cru Olive Oil

    Our limited release Grand Cru extra virgin olive oil exemplifies what our estate-grown olives are capable of. A blend of the best olives from our yearly harvest, it’s soft yet persistent flavor decorates the palate with notes of grass and pepper.

    In Your Honor Card - Feed a Child

    Give the gift of a meal to a child in need! Do you know that more than 13 million children in the United States live in "food insecure" homes? That's 1 in 6 kids! Through Giving Children Hope, students experiencing homelessness are enrolled in a nutrition program and provided a sustainable source of nutritious foods so they can focus on learning. Our Feed A Child Honor Card provides a child-in-need with a nutritious meal on a beautifully designed card.

    • Dimensions are 6"(L) x 4"(W) (double sided)
    • Black and white on 32pt double sided with black seam
    • White card with black lettering
    • Painted edge (black)

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    This product meets the following UN Sustainable Development Global Goals (SDGs) to collectively transform our world:

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