Gift Card Redemption for Charity
(Provide One Hour of Foster Family Support)


Do Good with your Gift Card Balance

This page allows you to redeem a balance on your gift card to your favorite charitable cause. Use the Impact Calculator above to decide how much of your balance you would like to allocate. Thank you for Doing Good with us!

OneSky for all children is passionately focused on meeting the needs of marginalized children in Asia while pursuing the broader goal of helping transform systems of care so that all young children can thrive. OneSky’s programs have been evaluated by leading academic institutions that specialize in early childhood development. This research shows that OneSky’s programs are impacting responsive caregiving and the care environment while improving child development outcomes.

Your redemption today helps children thrive.

Don't want a gift? In lieu of choosing a gift, give the gift of supporting a foster family.

Young children, many who have special needs, live with OneSky-trained foster
parents in our Family Village Program. Families live in apartments on the orphanage grounds so children have access to the services provided at the welfare institutions while experiencing nurturing care within a family setting.

This product meets the following UN Sustainable Development Global Goals (SDGs) to collectively transform our world:

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