Gift Card Redemption for Charity
(Give a Meal to Children in Need)


Do Good with your Gift Card Balance

This page allows you to redeem a balance on your gift card to your favorite charitable cause. Use the Impact Calculator above to decide how much of your balance you would like to allocate. Thank you for Doing Good with us!

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Giving Children Hope provides ongoing nutrition support to children who live in "food insecure" environments and are identified by their schools as experiencing homelessness. In direct partnership with schools, they provide 15.3 tons of food each week to children living in poverty in Los Angeles and Orange County. Not only are nutritious foods provided, but also the parent engagement component ensures steps are taken to empower parents and ultimately, help children reach their full potential. In ten years they have grown to serve over 3,100 children each week throughout the year. .

Your gift today gives the gift of a nutritious meal to a child in need.

Don't want or need a gift? In lieu of receiving a gift, give the gift of a meal to a child in need! Do you know that more than 13 million children in the United States live in "food insecure" homes? That's 1 in 6 kids! Through Giving Children Hope, students experiencing homelessness are enrolled in a nutrition program and provided a sustainable source of nutritious foods so they can focus on learning.

Your gift will come with the following social impact story card explaining the charitable cause behind the product.

Gift card example

This product meets the following UN Sustainable Development Global Goals (SDGs) to collectively transform our world:

No poverty

Zero Hunger

Good Health and Well-being

Quality Education

Your Support Matters

When you choose any gift at Gifts for Good, you support a nonprofit or small business in need. As a woman-owned small business and Certified B Corporation, our products meet the highest standards of verified social, economic, and environmental impact.

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