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(Give 10 Minutes of Mental Health Coaching to At-Risk-Youth)


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This page allows you to redeem a balance on your gift card to your favorite charitable cause. Use the Impact Calculator above to decide how much of your balance you would like to allocate. Thank you for Doing Good with us!

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Old Skool Cafe, a non-profit jazz restaurant in San Francisco is run by at-risk youth ages 16-22 coming from incarceration, foster care, or situations of abuse and neglect. Youth receive personalized coaching as this unique workforce training and violence prevention program provides supportive services, mentoring, life skills, vocational training, and employment. Youth reconnect with high school; develop self-respect, and healthy decision-making practices; gain a sense of inclusion; and benefit from supportive relationships.

Your redemption today provides the mental health support needed for inner city youth.

Don't want a gift? In lieu of choosing a gift, give the gift of mental health coaching to at-risk youth! Your donations fund Old Skool Cafe, a non-profit jazz restaurant in San Francisco that is run by at-risk youth ages 16-22 coming from incarceration, foster care, or situations of abuse and neglect.  Provides mental health coaching support through wrap-around support for at-risk youth.

This product meets the following UN Sustainable Development Global Goals (SDGs) to collectively transform our world:

No poverty

Decent Work and Economic Growth

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