Our customized 4 oz candle is made from a natural coconut wax blend that is paraben free. It's made from food grade certified non-GMO coconut oil infused with essential oil blends. It's lead free cotton wick provides a clean burn. Hand poured in the USA. Order in multiples of 48.

  • - Amber: A sensual blend of romantic amber tempered by the creamy warmth of smooth vanilla, rich sandalwood, and naturally sweet black cherries.
  • - White Tea: A heart of harvested white tea leaves, garnished with sprigs of spearmint, fresh orange slices, and grapefruit tonic.
  • - Vanilla Bean: A hint of vanilla tincture adds lift to this sugary blend of creamed vanilla and sweet maple.
  • - Red Currant: Green citrus peel adds a tangy accent to the woody floral fragrance signature of this scent while soft musk adds layers of sweetness.
  • - Darjeeling: This fragrance combines several types of tea in its construction. Firstly, it begins with a green tea accord with a lemon accent. The fragrance transitions into a black tea and jasmine main theme. These notes are supported by notes of sandalwood, hay oil and tonka bean.
  • - Baies: This fragrance begins with a black pepper note enhanced by bergamot & cassis. It then develops a strong green accord with a white rose base in the main body. The fragrance dries down to with a warm oakmoss, tonka & a clean musk base.
  • - Santal: This is a sandalwood fragrance with a spicy cardamom top note. The body of the fragrance is an amber sandalwood complex enhanced by a light floral orchid accord. The dry down of amber musk supports the fragrance.mango blossom and strawberries into a base of vanilla and musky notes. 
  • - Unscented: Completely fragrance-free. Perfect for centerpieces, dinner candles and those who prefer no scent.
  • - Dimensions: 3.25"(W) x 1.25"(H)
  • - Comes with a story card explaining the social impact of the product 
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Your Impact
Economic Development

Light 4 Life Cause works with the Exceptional Children's Foundation to create jobs for adults with disabilities through the manufacturing of candles and home fragrance products. Each person is trained by Light 4 Life Cause staff in the art of hand-crafted candle making. They also receive personalized coaching from ECF staff on both professional and life skills development. This integrated workplace training shows participants the way to greater independence while increasing their self-confidence, self-esteem and financial security.

Your purchase today provides dignified employment for an individual in Los Angeles with developmental disabilities..