Provides 1 month of clean drinking water for an individual in the Central African Republic through Water For Good

These agates are created from Brazilian geode thinly sliced to reveal a brilliant crystalline pattern. Traditionally revered for their metaphysical properties, no Brazilian Agates will ever look the same. Measuring approximately 4" in diameter, our Agate makes an excellent coaster or the perfect holder for our custom branded candles. 

  • - Agates are a natural stone and will vary in size, color, and shape.  We cannot guarantee uniformity in color when ordering multiple agates.
  • - Comes with a story card explaining the social impact of the product 
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Your Impact

Founded in 2004, Water for Good is a leader in water development projects. Water for Good works in Central Africa Republic, one of the poorest countries on the globe. To date, Water for Good has drilled 650 new wells, rehabilitated 900 broken wells, and has a success rate of 91% of wells in working order.

Your purchase today gives the gift of clean water for individuals in the Central African Republic.