Gift Forward - Gifts for Good

GIFTforward is a corporate gifting platform that allows employees & clients to pick their favorite gift from a collection of gift choices.

Perfect for:

  • Holiday Gifts
  • Virtual & Live Events
  • Employee Retention
  • Client Engagement

How it Works

Create a custom gift collection based upon budget

Upload recipient email addresses

Recipient chooses their favorite gift

We handle fulfillment and share tracking

Gift at Scale

GIFTforward is the easiest way to send meaningful gifts to clients and employees.


Reduction in time and logistics related to bulk corporate gifting. No more gathering shipping addresses or dealing with fulfillment.


The number of customers who have received a gift through Gifts for Good’s platform.


Increase in customer engagement after receiving a socially responsible gift that helps people & the planet.

Gifts for Good Clients

We’re the trusted source for social impact gifts for the world’s biggest brands.

The gifting Experience

Send a meaningful gift they’ll love, every time, with our social impact gift choice experience.


Invitation Email

Recipients receive a branded email
message from your company
inviting them to choose a gift.

Emails are personally signed & addressed.


Custom Landing Page

Recipients arrive at a landing page
with a collection of gift choices,
hand-picked by your company.

Customize with your logo, banner image, and a personalized video.


Choose Gift

During the ‘shopping for good’
experience, recipients will learn about
each gift and the social impact it creates.


Enter Shipping

Recipients enter their preferred
shipping address.

No more gathering home or office addresses, or dealing with incorrect addresses.


Thank You Note

Recipients have the option to send a thank you note back to your company.

Your engagment Dashboard

Customer engagement data, managed through one central platform.

  • Real-Time Notifications On Gifts Delivered, Viewed, & Accepted
  • ‘Thank You’ Note Gallery
  • Budget Optimized Gift Collections
  • ROI Tracking
  • Powerful Analytics
  • End-To-End Data & Logistics
  • Reminder Emails
  • Multiple Users

Benefits of Giftforward

Our powerful suite of tools provide an end-to-end gifting solution that drives results and creates a positive impact.

  • Reduce waste through gift choice
  • Save time, money, & effort by eliminating a logistics problem (no more warehousing, packaging, shipping, & tracking)
  • Track ROI by knowing the effect of your gifts have on your bottom line
  • Improve corporate social responsibility with shareable social impact reports

Personalize with Video

Improve engagement by 80% with personal video or campaign-based video content that brings the story of your gifts to life.

Video is the perfect opportunity to hear from your company’s leadership team about why you’ve chosen to support nonprofits & small businesses in need across the U.S., and around the world.

Gifts that Tell a story

Every gift comes with a social impact story card that tells the story behind the gift and how it’s changing someone’s life around the world (*see an example here) .

Interested in Custom Kitting?

While GiftForward is a branded experience with unbranded products, we offer branded products and sustainable custom gift boxes through our custom gifting program.