Gift Forward - Gifts for Good

GIFTforward is a virtual corporate gifting platform that empowers businesses to send a curated collection of socially conscious gifts to their employees & clients, at scale.

How it Works

Recipients receive your
email & video

Recipients make
their gift selection

Recipients provide
their mailing address

We ship and share
tracking information

Your engagement Dashboard

Customer engagement data, managed through one central platform.

  • Branded Video + Assets
  • Custom Messaging
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Custom Micro-site
  • Custom Gifts
  • Multiple Collections
  • Budget Optimized
  • Dashboard Management

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Our powerful suite of tools provide an end-to-end gifting solution that drives results and creates a positive impact

We’re the trusted source for social impact gifts for the world’s biggest brands.

Gift at Scale

GIFTforward is the easiest way to send meaningful gifts to clients and employees.


Reduction in time and logistics related to bulk corporate gifting. No more gathering shipping addresses or dealing with fulfillment.


The number of customers who have received a gift through Gifts for Good’s platform.


Increase in customer engagement after receiving a socially responsible gift that helps people & the planet.

Create your Gifting Experience

Send the perfect gift, every time, with our social impact gift choice experience.

Step 1

Select your Custom Collection

Step 2

Upload your Email Addresses

Step 3

Add your Video & Branding

Step 4

Confirm and Send

Giftforward in Action

Examples of how our clients use our gift choice platform to send meaningful gifts with a story:

Holiday Gifting

Personalized gifting via GiftForward reduces time spent gathering shipping addresses, while increasing recipient engagement.

HR & Recruiting

Employee burnout is responsible for almost half of annual workforce turnover. Meaningful gifting increases employee happiness and retention.

Virtual Events

Pre & post event engagement. Reduce waste & streamline operations with our technology- powered gifting. Perfect for attendee gifts, speaker gifts, & giveaways.