Ambassadors for Good

We're making it easy for you to share the belief that every gift given should be a force for good. Good for people, or the planet—and we've made it rewarding too!

Earn as much as $250 in store credits per referral

Refer friends and family to shop in our Gift Marketplace and earn $10 for you, and $10 for your friend. When your friend buys their first gift, we'll send your reward.

Make a successful business referral and earn $250 in store credit to spend in our Gift Marketplace. There are no limits to how many referrals you can make and earn.

Making business referrals (the right way)

Imagine how it would feel, knowing that your business referral went on to trigger a wave of social and environmental impact, fuelled by the giving of hundreds or even thousands of corporate gifts. Here are some tips for making effective business referrals that deliver rewards to you on multiple levels.

Find the right time to share
Introduce your referral link to someone as part of a relevant conversation, rather than just sharing it cold. For example, you may be at a work mixer or networking event where the subject of planning the next company event pops up in conversation. If you are with anyone on the organizing team or committee, that would be a great time to mention Gifts for Good and our event swag capabilities.

Share with relevant industries and job functions
When it comes to corporate gifts, people in HR, Sales or Marketing teams are going to be a lot more receptive and interested in corporate gift vendor offerings than say, someone in an accounting department that generally has little to no need for these type of services. Anyone whose role is to nurture relationships (whether internal or external) is likely to need some sort of gifting resource.

Get familiar with the Gifts for Good service offerings, then look for a fit.
Busy corporate team members sometimes don't have time to connect the dots when it comes to realizing there is a fit between their gifting needs and the services offered by potential corporate gift vendors. If you are familiar with the corporate gift services we offer, your introductions can be more lazer focused and actionable.

What's the budget?
It's important to be realistic when it comes to matching a business to a vendor, and corporate gifting services are no different. While it may be tempting to send every business as a business referral, smaller operations (with gifting budgets under $2,000 per campaign) may be better suited for our refer-a-friend program, where they can purchase a smaller number of gifts for their employees or clients through our Gift Markeplace.

Does the organization have ESG goals they need to reach?
This is always a great talking point, as many larger businesses and corporations have ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals they are trying to hit. The impactful corporate gifting that Gifts for Good offers, along with our measurable impact capabilities can turn out to be a great fit for HR procurement teams looking to contribute towards these goals.

It's the impact that counts  

A $250 store credit is wonderful to have, but it's the impact that comes with referring a business that often feels like the TRUE reward.

Picture this, you introduce Gifts for Good to your old college friend who now heads up the People and Culture division of a large tech firm. She then directs her team to use Gifts for Good to supply the branded swag gifts for their next developer conference.

The impact of the gifts given at the event is calculated to be 3,415 meals provided to children in-need across America. These are nourishing meals that have been provided because of your initial word of recommendation... and you can feel rightfully proud of that impact you have had.

Business referral FAQs

What is classed as a successful business referral?

A business referral qualifies as someone who has never been a paying client of Gifts for Good in the past, and signs up and completes a GIFTforward software demo or a discovery call with one of our gift experts. The referral must demonstrate a genuine interest in our services, and have a gifting budget of over $2,000. A business referral is only counted as successful when the referred party completes a demo or discovery call. We reserve the right to turn down a referral claim, based on the suitability of business leads, as assessed by our gift experts during the course of conducting the software demo or discovery call.

What is the reward for a business referral?

The referral reward for each qualified business referral is a $250 gift card that can be redeemed in our Gift Marketplace. No cash awards will be issued, and this reward is given to the person making the referral. For the new customer being referred, we are offering complimentary use of our gifting platform, GIFTforward, for 60 days. This offer is only available if you are a new client and have been referred by someone through our formal referral program.

When do I get my store credits for making a business referral?

Rewards will be issued once a software demo or discovery call has been completed. If a referral goes on to engage in further corporate gift campaigns and deals beyond the first deal, these will not result in additional rewards. Rewards will be issued by email, in the form of a gift card that can be redeemed in the Gift Marketplace.

Who is the business referral program for?

Our business referral program is designed for people to refer their business contacts to become clients of Gifts for Good and utilize the corporate gift services we offer. For referrals for personal gift shopping between friends and family, we'd recommend using our personal refer-a-friend program.

Friend referral FAQs

How do I refer a friend to shop at Gifts for Good?

Our refer-a-friend process is simple and much like other friend referral programs. Use this refer a friend tool to email your friends with your own unique referral link, and we'll also send them a $10 gift code to use for their first gift purchase in our Gift Marketplace. Once their purchase has been made, we'll send you your own $10 gift code, as a thank you for making the introduction.

Can I just tell friends to shop on the website and have you send me a gift code?

The only way to claim referral rewards is through our formal refer a friend process.  

When do I get my reward for referring a friend?

You will receive your $10 gift code after your friend has made their first purchase.