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The Best Seller Tea BundleThe Best Seller Tea Bundle
Support Indigenous Farmers

The Best Seller Tea Bundle

2-Piece Herbal Tea Gift PackAlaya Herbal Tea Gift Set
Support Indigenous Farmers

2-Piece Herbal Tea Gift Pack

Darjeeling First Flush Tea Gift SetDarjeeling First Flush Tea Gift Set
Support Indigenous Farmers

Darjeeling First Flush Tea Gift Set

Assam Black Tea + Ginger - Mahala Chai Loose Tea LeafAssam Black Tea + Ginger - Mahala Chai Loose Tea Leaf
Support Indigenous Farmers

Assam Black + Ginger (Masala Chai)

Sold out Hibiscus Flowers Tea - Loose Leaf Organic Certified Hibiscus FlowersHibiscus Flowers Tea - Loose Leaf Organic Certified Hibiscus Flowers
Support Indigenous Farmers

Hibiscus Flowers Organic Tea

Assam Black Tea - Loose Tea Leaf PackAssam Black Tea - Loose Tea Leaf Pack
Support Indigenous Farmers

Assam Black Tea

Working to Restore - Books for Healing the WorldWorking to Restore - Books for Healing the World
Support Indigenous Farmers

Working to Restore Book

Abby Beanie - an Adorable Handknit Pom BeanieAbby Beanie - an Adorable Handknit Pom Beanie
Empower Women

Abby Beanie for Kids

Darjeeling Green Tea - light, refreshing, and nuttyDarjeeling Green Tea - light, refreshing, and nutty
Support Indigenous Farmers

Darjeeling Green Tea

Performance Hat in Slate - Ethical Gifts for Active IndividualsPerformance Hat in Slate - Ethical Gifts for Active Individuals
Empower Women

Performance Hat


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Fair trade gifts FAQ

What makes a gift 'fair trade'?

Fair trade is a movement aimed at achieving better trading conditions, sustainability, and fairer treatment of producers in developing countries. It focuses on a number of elements to ensure ethical and equitable practices in trade. Firstly, fair trade creates opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers, helping them move from income insecurity and poverty to economic self-sufficiency and ownership.

Fair trade practices include fair payment, ensuring producers receive a fair price for their goods, and workers receive fair wages, contributing to their well-being and community development. It also promotes gender equity, non-discrimination, and freedom of association, ensuring all individuals have equal opportunities and rights. Fair trade supports safe and healthy working conditions, protects children's rights, and invests in community development projects. Environmental sustainability is also a cornerstone, with practices designed to conserve natural resources and minimize environmental impact.

When a gift adheres to these fair trade principles, it not only provides a meaningful and unique item for the recipient but also contributes positively to the well-being of the producers and their communities, making it a genuinely fair trade item.

What is fair trade certification?

Fair trade certification is a designation awarded to products that meet strict ethical and sustainability criteria established by certifying organizations. This certification ensures that producers are paid fair prices, work in safe conditions, and employ sustainable practices, benefiting both the environment and local communities. It involves rigorous auditing and compliance with established standards, offering consumers confidence that their purchases support equitable and responsible trade practices.

Are the gifts in this collection, fair trade certified?

While all of our gifts are ethically sourced, and pass through a rigorous qualification process before they are accepted into our gift marketplace, not all of them carry a fair trade certification by an official fair trade certifying body such as the Fair Trade Federation. However, all of the gifts in this collection are made by producers that weave fair trade principles into the fabric of their business, many holding themeselves to even higher standards than traditional fair trade certification requires.

What makes fair trade gifts good for corporate gifting?

By choosing fair trade, corporations signal their support for fair wages, safe working conditions, and sustainable development, aligning their corporate gifting with values like equity, respect, and environmental stewardship. This can enhance the company's image, strengthen stakeholder relationships, and demonstrate a genuine investment in global welfare, making fair trade gifts a powerful tool for corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Fair Trade Corporate Gifts Help Small Producers

Giving fair trade items as corporate gifts shows an organization's commitment to ethical practices, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility, while also enhancing brand image. These unique gifts are often packed full of cultural significance and support fair labor practices and sustainable production methods.

The impact a company can have on small producer communities when they choose to go fair trade with their employee gifts or event swag is quite profound. Small farmers in India, artisan producers in Peru all benefit when companies place importance on meeting their ESG goals through the procurement of fair trade gift items for their teams.