Our Impact 2021

Every year in January I spend time to calculate impact statistics...and every year I am truly humbled in tears by the impact created by the Gifts for Good community. This year Gifts for Good granted $731,216 to amazing local and global charities to fund a variety of issues because YOU chose to shop with us and do good with your gifting budget.

Here are some highlights from our six main cause categories that the Gifts for Good community made happen together: 

Animal Welfare:

  • Funded 68,952 hours of care for rescue animals through Best Friends Animal Society
  • Provided $1,600 to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for orphaned elephants
  • Provided 1,549 meals to abused and neglected rescue horses through Sunrise Horse Rescue

Children in Need:

  • Provided 134,136 meals to kids in need through Giving Children Hope
  • Provided 102,498 months of school supplies to children in need (or 10,250 kids with 1-year of school supplies!) through the Kids in Need Foundation
  • Funded 9.4 weeks of a law program for an youth at-risk
  • Funded 3,080 days of schooling for children in need in Honduras
  • Funded life-changing field trips for 48 at-risk youth through Old Skool Cafe

    Economic Development:

    • Created 37,855 hours of employment for those with barriers to work! This includes those transitioning from homelessness, those with disabilities, artisans in the developing world, and individuals coming out of  gangs through prevention programs.
    • Funded 7 veterans to get the services and support they need to move off the streets and into a safe and dignified living situation
    • Provided $271.75 to Kiva for small business loans in the Middle East and Africa
    • Provided $743.55 to the Mayor's Fund of Los Angeles to support small business in the community where Gifts for Good in based


    • Funded the planting of 645,383 trees through Eden Reforestation Projects
    • Removed 250,400 plastic bottles from the ocean
    • Recycled 696 plastic bottles into blankets
    • Saved 2,208.6 hours of LCD energy by recycling glass
    • Avoided 276.7 pounds of CO2 emissions by recycling glass
    • Saved 190,490 gallons of water by using recycled and organic materials
    • Recycled 955 pounds of e-waste
    • Recovered 25.5 billboards from the landfill and turned them into new products
    • Funded 3 kids to an outdoor program through the National Parks Foundation


    • Funded 113,820 children with lifesaving vitamins for an entire year through Vitamin Angels
    • Funded 10,944 rides to treatment for cancer patients through the American Cancer Society
    • Funded 319,677 months of clean drinking water through Water for Good
    • Funded 42,096 Months of prenatal vitamins to moms in need through Vitamin Angels (that's 4,210 women with vitamins for their entire pregnancy!)
    • Funded 93 bed-nets to prevent malaria through Nothing but Nets
    • Provided 585 people with one solar light to those living without electricity
    • Funded 616.9 hours of mental health coaching to at-risk youth through Old Skool Cafe
    • Funded 3,270 hours COVID-19 training for frontline health care workers through Project Hope
    • Provided 141,272 masks to health care workers through Project Hope
    • Provided 1,222 health care workers with PPE
    • Funded 1,985 hours of mental health training for healthcare workers
    • Donated $174.14 to the Oscar Litwak Foundation to help provide access to play for hospitalized children
    • Funded training for community health workers in the Dominican Republic communities of Jamo, Sabaneta, El Pinito, Barranca, Junumucu, and Licey and the expansion of training to 13 additional health care centers; the anticipated impact from capacity training of health care workers is estimated to have reached 5,000 community members across the Dominican Republic.

    Women At Risk:

    • Provided 70 domestic violence shelter residents with a weeks worth of personal care products
    • Funded 11 hours of counseling services to formerly homeless women
    • Created 4,199 hours of employment for women at-risk
    • Donated $63 towards loans for women entrepreneurs in the developing world

      The impact listed is thousands of lives changed and impacted in tangible ways. We continue to strive to deepen our relationships to create lasting change and that is thanks to YOU. None of this happens without customers choosing to shift their purchases to Gifts for Good to both give better gifts AND to create a better world.

      On behalf of everyone at Gifts for Good, be proud of YOUR impact and thank you for choosing to shop with us and to TOGETHER serve people and planet. 

      With a grateful heart,

      Jenise Steverding

      Chief Impact Officer


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