Choosing The Right Corporate Gifting Service for Your Company

Gift-giving in the corporate realm is not simply a task, it's an art. Whether you're saluting a new recruit, ringing in a successful business year, cultivating client relationships, or saying adieu to a departing team member, the choice of employee gifts can speak volumes. It's how we share appreciation, gratitude, celebration, and sometimes, even farewells.

Choosing the right gifting service transforms a responsibility into a reliable partnership. This partner not only consistently curates and delivers top-notch, memorable gifts, but also ensures your corporate image remains untarnished. But what if you end up with a mismatched service? You run the risk of taking a seemingly endless journey of trial and error, sorting through inadequate options, and risking your corporate reputation. That's a scenario you definitely want to sidestep.

So, how can you land with the right gift-sending service? What makes a corporate gifting platform a perfect fit for your company?

Corporate Gifting Platform

Eight Key Considerations When Choosing Your Gifting Service

A top-tier corporate gifting platform needs to cater to both ends of the spectrum – the giver and the recipients. To help you find the right fit for your business, here are eight pivotal factors to consider.

1) Ease of Use: The Prime Directive

Time, in the business world, is akin to gold. No matter how valued the client or cherished the employee, an exceptional gifting service should make your life easier. From meeting last-minute deadlines to managing the logistics of shipping to recipient addresses, a gift-giving service in the modern era handles gift wrapping, delivery, and other needs without making you run a gauntlet of challenges.

2) Is the Gift Quality Up to Scratch?

The quality of gifts you send out on behalf of your organization is the single most important factor when designing a successful corporate gift campaign. The damage can run deep when important stakeholders receive the infamous ‘branded stress ball’ with a logo that rubs off on the first squeeze. Avoid this branding nightmare and choose a gift service that sources premium gifts that are sourced both responsibly and with sustainability in mind.

3) Broad Reach Delivery

Your business has an impact, a reach. Whether you're a west coast business serving clients on the east coast, or a nationwide operation, your gifting service needs to reflect your span. Can they dispatch gifts both domestically and internationally? Do they offer digital options for remote teams or virtual events? A truly comprehensive service ensures that your gifts reach your recipients, no matter where they are.

4) Intelligent fulfillment Solutions

The days of dusty storage rooms packed with corporate gifts should be a thing of the past. Opt for a gifting service that offers a ‘choose your own gift’ solution for recipients, offering high-quality, wanted gifts, ready to be shipped to your clients or employees at a moment's notice. For custom merchandise solutions, make sure you pick a service that can source products, organize the brand customization process, all while drop shipping directly to an event or location of your choice.

5) Unleashing Customization

Every facet of a corporate gift can leave a mark, make an impression. It's a chance to amplify your brand and establish memorable connections. The choice of gifts, the narrative they tell, and the recipient's experience - all elements that can be tailored to create a unique impact. With our corporate gifting softwareGIFTforward®, you can choose from a pre-selected collection of premium gifts, add or remove items, or even request your own curated collection.

Delivering delight through thoughtful sustainable packaging, highly customized to your organization’s branding is another powerful way to make a lasting impression. Make sure your chosen gifting service has full capabilities in the area of gift box customization. That means custom print collateral, custom tissue wrapping, and branded stickers to complete the branded unboxing experience.

Customized corporate gifts in a branded gift box

6) Thinking Green

In a world increasingly concerned about sustainability, the environmental impact of your gifting strategy matters. Does your chosen service employ strategies like drop shipping to reduce carbon footprints? Do they offer non-physical gift alternatives, such as donations? Your commitment to sustainable practices will shine through in your gifts. When you let people choose their own gift through an online gifting platform, you vastly reduce the waste generated by unwanted gifts that will just end up in a landfill.

7) Reflecting Your Mission and Values

Your gifts should tell your story. Ensure that the gifting service you choose aligns with your company's core mission and values. The right service will help you create a positive social impact, with transparency about the cause and benefits of the gifts you are sending.

When you partner with Gifts for Good, you are getting a corporate gifting platform that will offer you measurable impact in the causes most important to your teams through the delivery of carefully curated premium gifts that give back. Crucially, you’ll get a customized impact report you can share with your community, and use towards calculating your internal sustainability, social impact and diversity contributions.

Corporate Gifts with a cause

8) The Total Gift-giving Experience

Finally, a superior gifting service doesn’t just deliver gifts, they deliver experiences. With Gifts for Good, every gift arrives with an impact story card, explaining the social or environmental impact of the gift being received.

And it’s not just the experience on the recipient’s end that carries importance. Choosing to gift through a gifting platform like GIFTforward empowers (and encourages) recipients to leave a ‘Thank You’ note as part of the gift selection process, giving organizations real-time feedback on how their gift campaigns are being received.

When corporate gifts and social impact align

So in summary, your chosen gifting service should:

  1. Be easy to use
  2. Have great premium quality gifts
  3. Be able to deliver gifts anywhere
  4. Handle address collection and logistics
  5. Offer customizations (of both products and packaging)
  6. Operate sustainably, and offer sustainable gifts
  7. Offer gifts that reflect your own mission and values
  8. Deliver a complete gifting experience for both giver and recipient

Gifts for Good is a gift service that checks all these boxes, blending aesthetics, thoughtfulness, and impact. As a certified women-owned business, a certified Carbon Neutral business and a proud certified member of the B-corporation movement, we can also help you meet your organization’s supplier diversity, social and sustainability goals.

If you’d like to discover how we can help you deliver delight through premium gifts people actually want, talk to one of our gift experts today!


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