How We're Celebrating World Kindness Day with Snap Inc.

Gifts for Good is excited to be partnering with Snap Inc. for the third year in a row for Snap's annual World Kindness Day. This year, thousands of Snap employees spanning over 20 countries have received a branded Dad Hat from Gifts for Good to proudly wear while they volunteer with nonprofits in their local communities. 

Each Dad Hat was made at the world’s first Fair Trade Certified production facility in China. Beyond their commitment to adhering to all guidelines set forth by Fair Trade USA, they produce high volumes of sustainable materials for B Corp Certified cause partners of Gifts for Good such as Known Supply and Cotopaxi.

Person smiling while holding the brim of a custom snap philanthropy black dad hat over their eyes

Meet some of the makers below who are responsible for crafting the Dad Hats that will be worn proudly by thousands of people around the world this World Kindness Day...

Image forZhang Yujuan

Zhang grew up in a village where she fondly remembers skipping rope with her 3 siblings. She has worked for nearly 20 years crafting headwear and does so carefully and methodically. She is a mother and she does all she can to ensure her kids are growing into healthy and capable people. Zhang says her friends would describe her as a happy person.

Image forXu Yang

Xu Yang is a veteran of the apparel manufacturing industry, having served in a number of roles over his nineteen year career. In his free time he uses his green thumb to plant and grow flowers.

The Gifts for Good Team is grateful for our continued partnership with Snap Inc. and other corporate partners to spread kindness around the globe this World Kindness Day. 

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