Our Impact in 2022

I’m proud to say that this report is Gifts for Good’s first full impact report that we have published. I am humbled by what has been created through the Gifts for Good community.

Some of my favorite stats in this report are: over $1.1 million to high-impact charities, 55,911 hours of employment to those with barriers to work, over 1.5 million children served with life-saving vitamins for an entire year, and over 20,000 individuals provided with access to sustainable clean water for a year. It is truly inspiring!

All of the numbers in this report represent real people with real stories. We couldn't possibly begin to capture and share them all, but we did want to share a few stories in the pages of this report.  

None of this happens without customers choosing to shift their purchases to both give better gifts AND to create a better world. So, thank you for being on this journey with us as we learn, grow, and seek to provide resources where they are needed. On behalf of everyone at Gifts for Good, we are proud of YOUR impact and send our heartfelt thanks for choosing to shop with us as we serve people and planet together.

To learn more about our collective impact, please view our 2022 Impact Report.

With a grateful heart,

Jenise Steverding

Chief Impact Officer

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