Every purchase helps provide micro-loans to entrepreneurs in Africa & the Middle East through Kiva

Our spa gift includes one handmade Tunisian towel (known as a "fouta"), one hand towel, and one Mediterranean Aleppo soap in a surprise mix of colors and scents chosen by our artisan team. Our Tunisian towels/foutas are a functional luxury that serve as a towel, shawl, throw, baby blanket, travel accessory, tablecloth, and more! Exquisitely stylish yet highly practical, the lightweight, absorbent fouta dries quickly, resists sand, and rolls up small enough to fit into your bag.

  • - Artisanal Combo colors come in a variety of complimentary combinations and are chosen and curated by the art department. Combinations can not be selected in advance.
  • - 100% cotton
  • - Artisanal: made on semi-mechanic looms
  • - Fringes rolled by hand
  • - Fouta Dimensions: 68"(L) x 38"(W)
  • - Hand Towel Dimensions: 20"(L) x 12.5"(W)
  • - Aleppo Soap: named from the city of Aleppo, Syria where the ancient soap masters engaged in the art of soap making. The making of traditional big block Aleppo soap takes 9 months to complete, due to the drying time. 
  • - Aleppo soap contains only 4 ingredients (NO parabens, NO preservatives): Olive Oil, Laurel Bay Oil, Lye and Water (fragrance used only in our Lavender soap and our Amber & Musk soap).
  • - Comes with a story card explaining the social impact of the product 
  • - Use beautifully. Wash carefully. Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Low spin. Line dry or tumble dry on cool setting only. Foutas and hand towels increase in softness and absorbency with washing.
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Your Impact
Economic Development

Balthazar & Rose is a social enterprise where every purchase helps provide 0% micro-loans to entrepreneurs in Africa and the Middle East through the nonprofit Kiva. The foutas (Tunisian towels) are made in Tunisia, the spark of the Arab Spring, with one entrepreneur’s desperate attempt to stand up to injustice. Winner of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize, Tunisia is now a beacon of hope, yet their economy rests dangerously fragile. Providing micro-finance to entrepreneurs around the world matters, especially to those in poverty. Kiva has served over 2.5 million borrowers in 86 countries with over $1billion loaned.

Your purchase today provides opportunity for tomorrow in Africa and the Middle East.