Provides 1 hour of dignified employment for a person experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty in LA

Everyday we feed ourselves and our families. Everyday we strive to eat healthily, heartily. As with any craft, the quality of the tools you use to get those delicious meals onto the table can be as important as the fresh ingredients you’ve selected. Handmade in Los Angeles from premium beech wood - this board is naturally equipped to resist even the most eagerly wielded cheese knives. 

  • - Dimensions: 9"(L) x 13"(W) x .75"(H)
  • - Solid Beech Wood.
  • - Organic cathedral grain patterns and rich amber tones of hand-oiled oak add a warm decorative accent to any kitchen.
  • - Easy to maintain.
  • - Hand finished with food-safe mineral oil. We recommend reapplying oil monthly or whenever the board appears dull or dry.
  • - Clean after use with a mild detergent or just water and wipe dry immediately.
  • - Do not leave wet, soak, or put through dishwasher.
  • - Comes with a story card explaining the social impact of the product .  
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Your Impact
Economic Development

Would Works provides employment for people who are homeless or living in extreme poverty. Founded in Los Angeles, they create hand-crafted wood products by individuals who have an immediate financial need and are working towards a goal. Dignified employment creates a way for these men and women to finance their goals while gaining work experience, learning concrete skills and receiving a recent job reference.

Your purchase today provides economic opportunity for an individual in extreme poverty in Los Angeles.